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Girl in Santa Maria de Jesus

This photo was taken in Santa Maria de Jesus in Guatemala. This town is about a thirty minute bus ride from Antigua. It’s not really a touristed area. Though there is a cool old church up there. I’d recommend a visit to Santa Maria if you want to get a better feel for what guatemala is actually like. While Antigua is really lovely, it’s a colonial city, and as it is a UNESCO world heritage site, not much has changed there. In Santa Maria, or some of the other small town areas that surround Antigua, you can get more of a feel for the general every day life of the people that live there. This young girl, like most, if not all, of the young girls that live in Santa, is in tradition dress. Huipiles (the top she is wearing) are often made by hand, and are typically worn along with a plainer fabric skirt that is tied together by an embroidered belt.

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