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A couple of purple lotuses. This picture was taken outside of a small temple in Sri Lanka.

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Bells and Prayers

little prayer flags tied to bells at a small temple in Sri Lanka

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View From up Here

A view from the top of giant stairway, which was carved into a sort of giant rock formation at a temple complex in Sri Lanka. I loved the view, and I loved the way the fabric flags looked with it.

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Inside Sigiriya

This photo was taken inside Sigiriya Rock, also known as the Lion’s Rock, in Sri Lanka. This place is SERIOUSLY COOL, and absolutely worth the visit. It does, however, require a fair bit of walking and stair climbing, so just be prepared. Inside the rock there are these amazing paintings, which you can see on the sidewalls as tourist brush by taking pictures. It gets a little crowded in there, but really you are all there to see the same thing so for the most part people are really polite about letting you get your pictures. The rock is cool on the outside too, it has two massive lions paws carved out of it and in the center there is a stairway that you can ascend and from the top you have an absolutely magnificent view. Totally worth going to look at, I highly recommend it! (I have other pictures of it, I just really like this one because it shows the whole wall, and all the other travelers passing by)

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Wedding Party

I snapped this shot of a couple from a wedding party when we were staying in Sri Lanka. We weren’t a part of the wedding, but they looked so beautiful together I couldn’t resist. It was also really cool to see all of the wedding stuff getting set up in our hotel lobby. I’ve only been to two weddings, and both of them were when I was really little, but it was really cool to see the difference between the Jewish American wedding set up and the Sri Lankan wedding set up. (That may also be my inner cultural anthropologist talking)

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This is a picture of (a super cute) Grey Langur in Sri Lanka. These little dudes are really cool, and we saw a lot of them. Don’t let these guys too close to you, I didn’t have any problems with this, but I would assume that they (like most monkeys) like to take stuff; especially anything shiny, like sunglasses, or any kind of food. Just keep in mind that they are wild animals and you shouldn’t be scared of them, but approach with caution.

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The Lovers

This is a famous piece called The Lovers, the photo was taken at Anradhapura in Colombo, Sri Lanka. You aren’t allowed to take pictures of the piece without permission, but when we were there a guard told us it was ok. The piece is housed near a temple in a small museum. It depicts King Dutugemunu’s son and his mistress. The son abdicated the thrown to be with her. The carving is awesome, and so is the story it represents.

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