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Little Monks

This picture was taken in Bagan, Myanmar. Bagan isn’t a very large town, but it seems to have a fairly large population of Buddhist monks. Bagan is home to an array of architecturally stunning archaeological sites. The city itself is actually an archaeological zone, where you can visit over a thousand ancient pagodas. Personally, I have always found buddhist monks to be really interesting, there’s something about the affect that just makes them seem so serene. This even holds true for the kids that are training to become monks. Often in the mornings you see these children walking from building to building to receive alms. You have to get up pretty early to see this, but i’m not sure what the exact time is, so if you want to make sure you don’t miss it ask the front desk of wherever you are staying. I don’t know the specific rules for Myanmar (they may be different) but in Laos you are permitted to take pictures of the alms as long as you don’t break the line or use flash. This picture was taken with a telephoto lens from a car, so I know I wasn’t being disruptive. If you are going to take pictures, just make sure you are being respectful!

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This picture was taken in Bagan, Myanmar (formerly Burma). This is a group of young buddhist monks going to collect alms. This was a lucky shot, we had woken up early and happened to see these monks passing the gates of our hotel on our way to breakfast. Myanmar is a predominantly Buddhist country, and Bagan seems to have a particularly high number of Buddhist monks. It was really cool to see this, and i’m sure if you want to make sure you see it while you’re there, you could ask the front desk at your hotel when/ where it happens. Myanmar is still not a heavily touristed country, and it is a somewhat conservative place. It’s important to know about this and try to be respectful of this when traveling there. Try to cover your legs, at least to your knees, especially when you are entering temples, it’s also important to cover your shoulders and remove both shoes AND socks when entering any of the numerous pagodas in Bagan. It’s always a good idea to have a sarong with you to cover up for these visits. When watching the monks go for Alms, be respectful! Don’t take flash pictures, don’t break their line, and don’t talk to them. Being culturally considerate is something that I always stress, keep in mind that whenever, and wherever you travel, you are a visitor, ┬átry your ┬ábest to be respectful of the traditions and beliefs of the place that you are visiting.

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