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Lake Atitlan

This picture was taken on Lake Atitlan, in Guatemala. The lake is accessible by bus or shuttle from Antigua, and probably other nearby cities. The lake is surrounded by towns that can provide you with plenty of places to stay and plenty of shopping. Santiago de Atitlan also has a very cool tourist attraction. If you are looking for an authentic experience here this is the place to go. Ask any tuk tuk driver to take you to see Maximon (pronounced Mashymoan). He is the patron saint of gamblers and drunkards, and going to see him in the house where he is currently being hosted is quite an experience. The room is usually decorated with streamers, lots of fruits hanging from the ceiling, and bottles of Quetzalteca rum around on the floor. The room will also likely be filled with smoke from the cigars that are burning away in the statues mouth, and maybe some incense. It’s really cool to see, and I would highly recommend it. All the towns have shopping and places to stay, but I’d recommend Panajachel.

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At The Market

This picture was taken at Saturday Market in Portland, Oregon. The market is a great place to hang out, people watch, shop, take pictures, and eat a variety of foods. It’s a great weekend event, it happens on both Saturday and Sunday, and it takes place in a nice little area right near the waterfront. The Market has lots of interesting things to shop for, most of which is handmade. I like the market because it’s a great place to just hang out, and all the vendors are friendly. It’s a great traditional Portland event, and I’d highly suggest a visit!

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Portland Waterfront

This picture was taken at the Waterfront in Portland, Oregon. The waterfront is a nice area, it has a lot of nice, higher end hotels that face the river. Personally, I love seeing a city at night, it seems like a great big glass forest of skyscrapers, and all the lights just look like stars. The water in Portland gives off great reflection too, and walking along the side of the river provides for a great view.

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These pictures were taken at the Museum of Art and History in Santa Cruz, California. The museum is currently holding an exhibit of works by Ze Frank and Stefan Boucher. (If you don’t know who Ze Frank is I seriously suggest you look him up, he’s done lots of interesting projects, and two TED talks. I’d also recommend watching his Vlog, especially the video entitled An Invocation For Beginnings, it’s really amazing) The weekend we went we actually got to meet him and hear presentations by him and Stefan Boucher, another artist. The MAH has lots of interesting, sort of out there exhibits, it’s not a very large museum, but it has a very different experience to offer it’s visitors. I’d recommend a visit here if you are in Santa Cruz, it’s very unique, and much of the works on display here allow visitors to really participate and become more fully involved in their viewing experience. Many of the works are community oriented, and work to incorporate all viewers who choose to become involved. It’s an awesome place, and it’s absolutely worth checking out!

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