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This is a compilation of photos of the beautiful Chora Church (if you’re trying to find it Lonely Planet lists this as its address: Kariye Camii Sokak Edirnekapı) in Istanbul, Turkey. The church is decorated all over with beautiful and intricate mosaics that depict the lives of Mary and Jesus. The church was a little hard for us to find, we took a taxi and we tried multiple times with different drivers, but many didn’t know where we were talking about (which is why I included the address) HOWEVER, it is an incredible little church with fantastic mosaics, and some paintings as well, both of which are fairly well preserved. I recommend a visit to this church, it is definitely one of the more hidden treasures that Istanbul has to offer.


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This is a close up of a painting in a beautiful little church on the European side of Istanbul, in Turkey. The church also had an amazing amount of beautiful mosaics, most of which were incredibly well preserved. This painting struck me particularly, because it looks like the area surrounding the eyes may have been removed deliberately for some reason. This church is called Chora Church, and this little hidden gem is absolutely worth a visit, another one of Istanbul’s beautifully artistic pieces of architecture. More pictures of the Mosaics will follow 🙂

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