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Monks Outside a Temple

This picture was taken at one of the many Pagodas in Bagan, Myanmar. These monks were in charge of a group that seemed like it was on a field trip, they had lots of very curious little monks along with them, and they were just as interested in us as we were in them. It was an interesting exchange, my sister and I were taking pictures of the monks, and one of the older monks took out his cell phone and took a picture of us. I love it when both tourists and locals get something out of an experience! In our experience everyone in Myanmar was really friendly, and no one seemed to have a problem with pictures. Bagan is a fantastic city, and if you are visiting Myanmar I highly recommend a visit to Bagan!


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Pagodas of Bagan

This picture was taken from the top of one of the many thousands of Pagodas in Bagan, Myanmar (formerly Burma) at sunset. People visit Bagan to go see the Pagodas, and one of the favorite tourist activities in this town is going to the top and watching the sunset. There are many temples that will provide you with an awesome view (like this) and you can probably ask about which ones have the best views at the front desk of a hotel, or you can even ask a taxi driver, they usually know the most popular tourist spots. It’s great to go see the sunset from the top, but it’s still a great view without the sunset. Remember when visiting the pagodas you need to be appropriately dressed; legs covered to the knees, no shoes or socks, and cover your shoulders too!

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Bells and Prayers

little prayer flags tied to bells at a small temple in Sri Lanka

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In a Row

Another picture taken at one of the amazing temples in Cambodia. I know there have been a lot of these lately, but I’m working on a paper related to Cambodia right now, so I’ve been going back through all of the pictures, and they never cease to amaze me. They have lasted so long, and I feel like they have so much to tell us. The memories one has from visiting a place like this, they are the kind of memories you will cherish for the rest of your life. Needless to say I think that these temples are SERIOUSLY worth taking a look at.

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I don’t know if this is the actual purpose they served, or if they even served one at all, but when I saw these as a kid I remember thinking that they looked like they were guarding the pathway that they lined up next to. As you can see from this, and the previous posts, Cambodia has so SERIOUSLY cool, very old, art and architecture. Again, i’m an archaeology dork, but I don’t think you have to be to appreciate the incredible nature of a site like this. You don’t even need to know anything about it, just looking at it should result in every bystander being in awe. But, I would recommend knowing some stuff about it; either bring your own book on Cambodian temples or buy one there. I was there when I was 15, so in like 2005, and I’m sure things have changed since then, but we were able to get a very helpful book about the temples while we were there. My family is super curious, so we always like to know what we are looking at, but like I said these temples are amazing either way 🙂

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Taken at the absolutely fantastic Dambulla cave temples in Sri Lanka. I'd never seen anything like it. The entire cave ceilings and walls are all painted really intricately, and filled with beautiful statues like this one. Very very cool, and absolutely worth the trek up the stairs that it takes to get there (it's kind of on a small mountain, so it's certainly a bit of a walk especially in the heat there) If you plan on heading here just make sure you are dressed appropriately and are respectful about taking pictures here, rules are posted around the area so you will know what is and isn't acceptable

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