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This is a little marketplace we found in Krakow, Poland. Food wasn’t super expensive in Poland, which was a really nice contrast to some of the other place we had stayed. We went to this market right when we got to Krakow, we were actually looking for a museum, but it was closed, and we happened to find this little market instead. We bought a ton of fresh fruit and sat in a nearby park and ate it and just watched the locals walk around. It was really nice, and it was really cool to see how they sell sunflower seeds there, still attached to the actual flower. We took our time in Poland a little slow, we didn’t go to too many tourist attractions, but we had a really great experience there, and the food was seriously amazing. If you are visiting Krakow keep an eye out for a 24 hour Perogi restaurant, the perogis were good (and super cheap) and it’s wonderful to have a 24 hour place! We went and got perogis right before we left and took them with us on our seriously early morning train. Poland is a great place to visit, but i’d definitely recommend doing some research before you go, just so you have a better idea of what you’ll want to see when you’re there.


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