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This photo was take in the Kibale Forest in Uganda. Seeing the chimps at Kibale is similar to seeing the gorillas at Bwindi impenetrable forest; in order to see either of these amazing animals you need to trek, which means walk through the forest (no paths) and follow a tracker until you find what you are looking for. When we went we had a little bit more difficulty seeing the chimps than we had seeing the gorillas, but as with seeing any animals, it really just depends on your luck. Even though it was a bit hard, we still got a really good look at the chimps, and the trek was absolutely beautiful. As with seeing the gorillas, you want to make sure you are prepared before you do the trek; bring water and make sure you have appropriate hiking attire. I recommend a go if you’re up for the hike!

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Some sort of mushrooms around a small tree. Taken in the BEAUTIFUL rain forests of Costa Rica

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