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This is our beautiful little tent cabin in Kibale, Uganda. We stayed at the Primate Lodge, which was absolutely fantastic. When we weren’t out trekking we were relaxing here; on the porch drinking tea, reading, and just enjoying the jungle view. When we were trekking we saw SO much; lots of beautiful natural scenery, birds, and tons of different primates, including chimps. This place was great, and Kibale is an AMAZING place to visit. If you have the opportunity, absolutely go to Kibale, it’s an incredible experience. Also, if you are in Uganda go visit the Impenetrable Forest to see the Gorillas. We had a better viewing of the gorillas, just because they weren’t moving as much as the chimps, but both are wonderful!!!!!


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This is a photo of a Male Highland Gorilla, taken in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda. This was the alpha male, and he was really incredible to see. He wasn’t really doing too much, mostly just eating, but seeing him walk around was amazing, and he was really pretty big. They’re called silverbacks because of a distinctly silvery saddle like patch situated in the middle of their backs. I wrote a post about the gorillas before, but I really want to reiterate how astonishing it is to see them. I don’t know that i’ve ever been so in awe in my life, they’re really magnificent creatures. If you have the money, and the time, you have to go, seriously, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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