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This is a picture of one of the many impressive pieces being displayed at the California Science Center’s temporary Cleopatra Exhibit. The exhibit is cool, not to big, but with a lot of very impressive, and very, very, well preserved. The exhibit has some really neat statues, I thought this one was particularly cool, but there are also a couple of really large statues here too. The exhibit starts with a video, to give you some background information on the material displayed, and both reading material and headsets are provided. And, when you are done ¬†with this exhibit you can wander around the rest of the museum. It’s a great museum, with a lot of fun little exhibits, and it’s totally family friendly. The only thing i’d recommend is going earlier in the day rather than later, this is for two reasons; one is, it’s not located in the best neighborhood, it shouldn’t be a problem, but just to be on the safe side try to be gone before dark. The other is, there are a few other really cool museums around, check ’em out if you have time!

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