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This picture was taken just outside Krakow, Poland in the Wieliczka Salt Mine. The mines are pretty cool, the tours take you through the old mines, but it’s more than just a historic site. The mines are also home to a myriad of impressive statues carved from the salt, as well as a beautiful underground chapel complete with salt crystal chandeliers. When we were in Poland it was absurdly hot (91 degrees Fahrenheit on our first day) so we retreated to this underground system for some cooler (in the temperature sense) sight seeing. The mines are a little chilly, so maybe bring a sweatshirt! If you’ve never been to a mine it’s interesting, I thought it was pretty neat, and it’s an unusual thing to have an opportunity to visit. Also, you can get to the mines by taking a bus from Krakow, which doesn’t take to long.

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