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This was taken in the National Archeological Museum in Athens, Greece. The museum has a lot of really cool artifacts, and is home to many really impressively carved pieces like this one. The museum is a really great place to spend a morning, or early afternoon when you’re in Athens. Its pretty easily accessible, we walked there from the hostel we stayed at. In the event that you’re looking for a hostel, the place is called Zorbas Hostel, and it’s pretty nice. They even had air conditioning, and its located right next to a metro, so you can get pretty much anywhere from there. The museum is really awesome, and it’s absolutely worth a visit.


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This is a picture from the Shipwreck exhibit at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, in Greece. This exhibit is absolutely amazing, not only is it really well set up, the content is just incredible. I’ve mentioned on here previously that i’m a total archaeology geek, and I have to say, I flipped out a little when I saw this exhibit. I was so impressed by the statues, and their ability to have, at least partially, withstood both time and nature. The craftsmanship is beautiful, but there is another sort of beauty that these statues display, you can really see the effects of the passage of time on them, and despite this they are still magnificent. I also learned a lot from this exhibit, i’m not particularly knowledgeable in the arena of underwater archaeology, so I really enjoyed the amount of information that was provided along with the statues. The exhibit also contains several other marble statues, a large, complete bronze statue of a man, an incomplete bronze statue, amphorae, glass vessels, and some other really cool smaller artifacts that were found along with these larger treasures. The rest of the museum is really great too, I was just particularly struck by the awesomeness of this exhibit.

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The Wrestler

This is a close up of a statue of an adolescent wrestler. The photo was take at the Archaeological Museum in Athens, Greece. Currently this museum is housing a shipwreck exhibit, which is VERY cool. The exhibit has a bunch of statues like this one; this statue was in the ocean for so long, but the parts of the statue that were buried in the sand remain virtually pristine. However, if you look at the face and the arm, you can see traces of erosion, places where the ocean had begun to eat away at the marble. The statue is absolutely beautiful, and the etching left by nature gives it a new kind of beauty; like a collaborative effort of both man and nature to create art. I found these statues to be particularly amazing, and, in a way, really moving. I’ve mentioned on here before that i’m into archaeology, and it never fails to impress me the way that people, even after death, live on through the things that they’ve left behind. I think that this exhibit does a particularly good job of displaying the memories that are left behind. I’d highly recommend it, it’s really an amazing exhibit to see.

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