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Elephant in the Field

This photo was taken at Samburu National Reserve in Kenya. Samburu is a great reserve, it’s a different sort of environment than you get with some of the other parks. It’s really hot here, so the vegetation isn’t particularly green, which can make it a bit harder to spot certain animals. However, I highly recommend this reserve; we’ve been there twice and have had nothing but good luck, the animals are usually out in the mornings and evenings (when you normally go on game drives) because it can get so hot during the day.

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Lion Up Close

A picture of a young(ish) male lion in Mount Meru National Park. We saw this big boy just lounging around near the side of one of the dirt roads while on safari in the park. This was our second time in Kenya, but our first time at Mount Meru. It was really beautiful, but we didn’t really see a massive amount of animal life; a large variety, but in smaller numbers than in some of the other parks. If you have a limited amount of time in Kenya I would recommend heading over to Masai Mara (my favorite park) it’s a bit more crowded, but there are a lot more animals there, and the larger number of people means more communication between the drivers, more communication between the drivers means that you get to see more. I’ll give more information about Kenya and our safari experience in the pictures that follow 🙂

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Some elephants hanging out and bathing in a river. Pinnawala, Sri Lanka. There are a couple of places to stay around here and they just bring the elephants from the sanctuary in town to bathe in the river. It's pretty cool, I like elephants, A lot, and these ones are really cute. They're really sweet too (if you pay the guys who take them down there you can get a picture with one)

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