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This is a photograph of Osorno Volcano, located in Los Lagos (the lakes district) of Chile. Chile is a beautiful country with a LOT of really interesting and diverse natural beauty to offer tourists. This is one of the more famous locations associated with Chile’s natural beauty, and it’s easy to see why. This imposing Volcano stands at 8,701 feet, or 2,652 Meters, and is part of the Chilean Andes. If you are looking to Visit this area of Chile make sure you have to appropriate attire. It gets COLD here! We  visited a while ago, I think I took this like 6 years ago!  But one of the things I remember very distinctly about the experience, besides how gorgeous it was in this area, is that my family was not prepared for the elevation and the cold climate that comes with it. So just do your research!

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This series of photos was taken at Malibu  Creek State park in Southern California. If you are visiting LA and you’re in search of some nature this is a great place to come.  It’s not too far outside of the city (the drive really depends on traffic) and the park is pretty close to the beach. There are lots of paths here, there are also places for fishing, horseback riding, and camping. The park is also just a really nice place to go and hangout with your family for the day, and it’s a good little get away from the city!

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