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This is the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. While it was in use it would have been able to hold up to 50,000 spectators who would have been watching the games that were held here. The colosseum is most well known for housing gladiator games, the flat space in the center of the Colosseum would have had a stage covered in sand. Now there is only a small section that has a stage, even without it though, you can totally picture what the Colosseo must have looked like when it was in use. It’s a little expensive to visit, (discounts are available, especially if you are a student from the EU, but you need proof of this with ID) but it’s totally worth it! It’s a really cool site and a fantastically preserved piece of the Roman Empire that really allows the visitor a glimpse of the past, and all of the history that has built up to the current city of Rome.


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This picture was taken in a little alley in a smaller neighborhood of Rome, a little bit outside the main city. We went over here to just wander around we found some cool places to shop, and there were a bunch of cute little cafes around. We also visited a ┬áreally pretty little church. Rome is a great place, and the city has a lot to offer, but it’s worth while to wander around the back streets. Really get a feel for the city, the parts outside of the more heavily touristed areas. We took the bus here, and to a few other smaller neighborhoods, we definitely enjoyed seeing the slower, more local side of Rome. So if you have some extra time, take a detour! Just a mini-adveture to get a better idea of more than one aspect of the city, it’s worth it!

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