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This is a Holocaust monument located in Berlin, Germany. This monument is dedicated specifically to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust; the monument for homosexual victims is located elsewhere, and the gypsy monument is (as of now) ¬†under construction (I’m sorry, but I don’t have any information about monuments for other victim groups, this is just what I learned while I was there). This monument is unmarked; there isn’t anything to identify WHAT this monument stands for. We took a tour of Berlin, and our tour guide told us that the lack of informative signs and plaques was intentional, so that onlookers could make their own determination about the monument. If you go to visit this site, be respectful; there are rules here (though they aren’t posted). The rules that we were informed of were as follows: you may sit on the blocks, but do not stand on them. You may walk through the monument, but don’t run, don’t yell, and don’t eat or drink on the site of the monument. It’s an interesting site, worth visiting, and absolutely worth thinking about.


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