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This is a close up of a painting in a beautiful little church on the European side of Istanbul, in Turkey. The church also had an amazing amount of beautiful mosaics, most of which were incredibly well preserved. This painting struck me particularly, because it looks like the area surrounding the eyes may have been removed deliberately for some reason. This church is called Chora Church, and this little hidden gem is absolutely worth a visit, another one of Istanbul’s beautifully artistic pieces of architecture. More pictures of the Mosaics will follow 🙂

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Ferris Wheel

This is the Wiener Riesenrad in Vienna, Austria. This ferris wheel is the oldest standing ferris wheel in the world. It’s located at the Prater amusement park/ fun-faire. The park is a bit odd, but really fun. The ferris wheel is really cool, especially at night when it’s all lit up. If you have a little extra time i’d recommend it, it’s a unique park and you get a good view from the top.

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Palace of Westminster

Taken at the Palace of Westminster in London. This clock tower houses one of the most famous bells in the world; Big Ben. Go to Westminster at sunset, and you’ll get a really wonderful view of the Palace. Not to far from here you can find the famous London Eye, as well as an aquarium and some other amusement park rides. If you ride the Eye at night you get a good view of the Palace of Westminster when it’s all lit up.

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