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This picture was taken in a little alley in a smaller neighborhood of Rome, a little bit outside the main city. We went over here to just wander around we found some cool places to shop, and there were a bunch of cute little cafes around. We also visited a ┬áreally pretty little church. Rome is a great place, and the city has a lot to offer, but it’s worth while to wander around the back streets. Really get a feel for the city, the parts outside of the more heavily touristed areas. We took the bus here, and to a few other smaller neighborhoods, we definitely enjoyed seeing the slower, more local side of Rome. So if you have some extra time, take a detour! Just a mini-adveture to get a better idea of more than one aspect of the city, it’s worth it!


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This is the John Lennon Wall in Prague, Czech Republic. This lovely graffiti wall is a loving memorial to Lennon. People come and leave messages, names, and art. The wall is an awesome group art project, and it’s constantly changing, which is also really cool. This place is really fun, and if you are just looking for a short outing in Prague this is a good place to go. The only thing is, it’s pretty darn hard to find. We heard about it from this wonderful map; the Use It Europe map for Prague (which has a LOT of cool stuff) but we still had trouble finding it. We actually had a local guy help us out, so I suggest if you are looking for this place you should get really specific directions. Also, bring your paint and your pens and contribute to the wall!

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