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These pictures were taken at the Louvre in Paris, France. The Louvre is an extraordinarily famous museum, and part of this fame can be attributed to this painting. This painting is particularly famous not only because of the great artistry, but also because it was stolen by a museum employ, and was missing for 2 years, which earned it even greater notoriety. If you are interested about the painting, how it got to the louvre, or how it was stolen, I suggest you look it up before you go, it’s all really interesting! ¬†As you can see, she gets a LOT of visitors, so if you are looking to get a great view, get to the museum early! No matter when you go, there’s bound to be a crowd in this room, and while the painting is small, she is absolutely worth the wait!


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These two pictures are close ups of a painting done by Salvador Dali. This painting, along with the paintings of a ton of other artists, hangs in the Vatican Museum. The Vatican Museum, as i’ve said in an earlier post, is both amazing, and incredibly expansive. There isn’t really a good way to see everything in one day, so it’s best to just prioritize. The egyptian wing is incredible, i’m ( as previously mentioned) very fond of archaeology, so my focus was to see the archaeological aspects that are housed in the museum. The best thing to do is get there EARLY and look at the map they give you with your ticket.

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