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This picture was taken on a bridge in Prauge, in the Czech Republic. The bridge is sort of on the way to Prague Castle, there are a lot of bridges that can take you to the side of the river where the castle district is, but this bridge is the most decorated. The bridge was adorned with lots of beautiful statues, like this one, and the walk over the bridge is beautiful. The statues are awesome, there are lots of vendors selling jewelry, art, and other trinkets. There are also some bands playing music, and all this together gives the bridge a really nice vibe. However, it does tend to get crowded because of this, so go early in the day to beat the crowds.


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This picture was taken in Prague, Czech Republic. We went to this place called U Zavesenyho Kafe, it’s a tiny little cafe in/ really near the castle district in Prague. The charming little restaurant is really tucked away, and it wasn’t easy for us to find. We had read about it and had wanted to visit because of their “hanging coffee”. Don’t know what hanging coffee is? Neither did we, but we read about it and really liked the idea. So what happens is a person can walk in to this cafe and he pays for two cups of coffee, but drinks only one. This leaves the other cup hanging; so, if another person walks in, wanting a cup of coffee, but lacking the money to purchase one, they can order a hanging coffee and enjoy a cup paid for by a random stranger. It’s a really nice idea, and it’s a really nice shop. My sister, my friend, and I all left a cup hanging for a future customer. We also got these absolutely DELICIOUS fruit dumplings. The servers were nice, the atmosphere was adorable, and it gave us a great place to relax a little after the trek up the rather large hill leading up to the castle.

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