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Mummy Lady

This lovely lady is a 3,000 year old egyptian mummy on display at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose, California. This mummy is female, she was a priestess, and she was about 28 years old when she died, though cause of death is unknown. The Museum is built in an Egyptian style, and houses the largest collection of Egyptian Artifacts on the West coast of North America. This is one of four human mummies in their collection, which also includes a large number of animal mummies. The Museum is opened Wednesday through Sunday from 9am-5pm. It’s definitely an interesting museum, and worth a visit if you are in the area.

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This is a picture of one of the many impressive pieces being displayed at the California Science Center’s temporary Cleopatra Exhibit. The exhibit is cool, not to big, but with a lot of very impressive, and very, very, well preserved. The exhibit has some really neat statues, I thought this one was particularly cool, but there are also a couple of really large statues here too. The exhibit starts with a video, to give you some background information on the material displayed, and both reading material and headsets are provided. And, when you are done ¬†with this exhibit you can wander around the rest of the museum. It’s a great museum, with a lot of fun little exhibits, and it’s totally family friendly. The only thing i’d recommend is going earlier in the day rather than later, this is for two reasons; one is, it’s not located in the best neighborhood, it shouldn’t be a problem, but just to be on the safe side try to be gone before dark. The other is, there are a few other really cool museums around, check ’em out if you have time!

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